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Attorney Coaching for a Successful Career

Enjoy a successful legal career that inspires you.  At The Coach for Lawyers, LLC our coach, John Allison, helps you take charge of your professional life.  He works with you to define and achieve your personal and professional goals as an attorney and address any obstacles that may be getting in the way. Whether you would like to enjoy greater success in your current law practice environment, or would prefer to move to a different environment that is more compatible with your goals and values, John can help. He can also help you decide whether, and how, to start a new law firm or set up a solo law practice.

If you are dealing with difficult people in your professional relationships, John can work with you to develop effective strategies tailored to the specific personalities involved.  He can also help you deal with uncertainty about the future, maintain your personal well-being, set appropriate time boundaries, and have the work-life balance you want.

Lawyers, like athletes and other professionals, can benefit from working with an experienced professional coach.

 Business Coaching and Strategic Planning Services 

Our business coaching and strategic planning services are designed to help solo practitioners and small law firms thrive.  We help our clients understand their firm's financial situation and develop an action plan to achieve a sustainable budget that supports the firm's financial stability and long-term growth objectives.  We also work with clients on strategic business development and staffing plans to achieve the firm's objectives for profitability and growth.  Our services include facilitating strategic planning meetings and retreats when asked to do so.  

Our Interactive Coursebook

The Keys to Greater Fulfillment in Your Law Practice is an interactive coursebook that shows you how to create a law practice that inspires you, build successful relationships with clients, and be proactive in managing stress.  The coursebook includes fillable PDF worksheets that can be downloaded to your computer and updated periodically.  A copy of the coursebook is complimentary for lawyers who sign up for five or more hours of coaching or mentoring services.   

 A "Senior Colleague" for Solo Practitioners

Because our coach is an experienced and successful lawyer, he can serve as a "senior colleague" to brainstorm ideas and consult on issues that arise in the practice of law. He is particularly skilled in dealing with interpersonal conflicts and business challenges that often arise in the practice. Since we keep all your information confidential, sensitive issues can be discussed candidly with us.

 Services and Fees

All our services are designed to meet your specific needs and schedule. We offer hourly, daily, and fixed-fee arrangements. Should you need to meet with us in person, we do not charge for travel time to law firms located in the United States.


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Navigating Change 

If you need to redesign your law practice or change jobs, or if you want to transition to a different practice area or start a solo law practice, The Coach for Lawyers, LLC, can help. We work with you to clearly define your goals and develop and follow through on a strategic action plan for achieving those goals.

The Coaching Relationship 

You won't have to come to our office, as nearly all coaching is done privately and conveniently by phone, video conference, and email. During the coaching sessions, we address your specific interests and needs. You choose the issues you want to work on. Throughout the coaching process we provide feedback, encouragement, and accountability in a respectful and nonjudgmental manner.

In an interview with Doug Llewelyn on CUTV News Radio, John discussed his coaching services and his books.  You can listen to a recording of the interview by clicking here.  John was also interviewed about his coaching services for an article by John Murph in the January-February 2021 issue of the DC Bar's Washington Lawyer magazine.  You can read that article by clicking on this link.

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