Mentoring for Lawyers

Refine and deepen your law practice skills with lawyer mentoring by John Allison, a successful lawyer with broad private practice and in-house experience.  Learn how to inspire clients to want to hire you.  Increase your self-awareness and master the interpersonal skills needed to be highly effective as a lawyer.  Develop strategies for dealing effectively with difficult colleagues, clients and adversaries.  Learn techniques for managing stress and maintaining your personal well-being.  John offers one-on-one mentoring for lawyers and group training programs for law firms and in-house legal departments throughout the United States.  His services are tailored to meet the needs of each client. 

 Mentoring Resources

John Allison has been a monthly columnist for the online publications of The National Jurist.  Selected articles relevant to his mentoring services are listed here.  An article can be accessed online by clicking on the title. 

"How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Negotiations"    "Reining in Excessive Zeal"   "How to Examine Untruthful Deponents"

"Building Trust in Professional Relationships"     "Ethical Pitfalls Every Lawyer Should Watch Out For"

Man and Woman

Refine Core Law Practice Skills

Our mentoring services and interactive seminars develop your talents in:

Understanding Different Communication Styles | Serving Clients' Real Needs | Effective Leadership | Dealing with Feelings and Emotions | Handling Difficult Relationships | Dealing with Ethical Challenges | Mastering Negotiation | Making the Most of Mediation | Developing Litigation Strategies and Themes | Taking Effective Depositions | Managing Stress and Maintaining Personal Well-Being 

Understand Your Clients

Our mentoring and professional training will help you better understand and meet your clients' needs. By knowing that you are serving the best interests of your clients, you'll find greater personal fulfillment in your professional life. Satisfied clients are also an important source of repeat business and referrals.

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Persuasive Advocacy

We help lawyers master the art of the story. A good story told well keeps the audience interested and engaged. The key to persuasion is the ability to communicate the facts of a case in a way that is aligned with how people think and has emotional as well as intellectual appeal. A powerful case story can also serve as a road map for pretrial discovery and lay a foundation for persuasion in mediation and settlement negotiations.

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