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The Coach for Lawyers, LLC is committed to helping you experience the rewards and satisfaction the practice of law can offer and find success and fulfillment in your professional life.  We provide career coaching, life coaching and mentoring for attorneys, as well as business consulting and strategic planning services for solo practitioners and small law firms.  We also offer group training programs to help lawyers enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills and master the art of practicing law.  Our services are available throughout the United States.

John Allison

John's Bio

Our Coach and Mentor

John Allison is a certified professional coach backed by years of experience as a successful lawyer, both in private law firm practice and as Assistant General Counsel in the legal department of a Fortune 100 company.  He brings his calm presence, deep listening skills, strategic insights and intuition to every coaching and mentoring session.  Recognizing that each situation is unique, John works with clients on the particular issues that are of concern to them.  His mentoring services and training programs help lawyers master the interpersonal skills needed to be highly effective in the practice of law.  Based on his extensive personal experience in the practice, John also helps lawyers sharpen their litigation, negotiation and other law practice skills.

John was interviewed by Doug Llewelyn on CUTV News Radio.  You can listen to a recording of that interview by clicking here

John's Latest Book

John's latest book, The Art of Practicing Law: A Practical Guide for Lawyers, fills the gap between the critical skills taught in traditional law school courses and the additional skills and attributes that are needed to be highly effective as a lawyer.  The book provides practical guidance, with specific examples, on a number of topics to help lawyers master the art of practicing law, whether they are in private practice, in government agency practice, or working in-house for a business corporation or a nonprofit organization.  More information can be found on the Amazon page for the book by clicking here.


"I started working with John after I left an in-house role.  I was looking to make some big changes in how I practice law and achieve better balance between my work and other aspects of my life.  From our first conversation, John was able to clearly identify what has been working well in my career, and what has not.  He gave me concrete and actionable advice on changes and approaches I need to make to position me for future success.  John's highly effective coaching in a short period of time is a testament to his extensive experience and skills across a range of subjects"

BJ in Seattle

"John provided me with excellent coaching, direction and support when I was looking for a change in my legal career.  He helped me prepare an excellent resume and cover letter as well as helped point me into a new legal specialty.  Thanks to John's coaching and mentoring, I had multiple  job opportunities from which to choose before landing the job of my choice.  I can't thank John enough for all his assistance during my job search."

JR in Sacramento

"John was extremely valuable in helping me make the right decisions about the growth of my law firm. His invaluable experience in working with so many different people made it easy for him to assist me in choosing the right lawyer for my firm. He was very accessible and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him."

Lynn A. Johnson, Esq., Lynn Johnson Law Office, Slayton, MN

"John provided sound and valuable advice during a challenging career transition. His perspective is particularly broad because he has practiced both in-house and with firms."

PB in San Francisco

“John was my coach after I graduated from law school. I am inspired by his rich experience in the legal field and his principles in the practice of law. If the time comes when I need someone’s advice, John is one of those mentors whom I will certainly look to. Thank you very much John for coaching me.”

Yuhong Li, J.D., Bellevue, WA

“Complex litigation requires a diverse group of individuals to work together effectively under very stressful conditions. I have always been very impressed with John’s ability to manage a team of professionals from different backgrounds with varying agendas and keep them working together effectively and focused on the end goal. He seems to be able to bring out the best in people, identifying and leveraging people’s strengths.”

Barbara Hillmer, Ph.D, Senior Consultant at Litigation Insights

“I worked closely with John for eight years on some challenging issues and found him to be an excellent lawyer and strategist. He is a good listener who understands people, and was highly regarded at all levels of our organization. When John served in a management role the lawyers and other legal professionals who reported to him found John to be an effective coach and thoughtful leader who always managed to remain calm. He is a person with good judgment and uncompromising integrity.”

John J. Ursu, Esq., Former 3M Senior VP and General Counsel

“The Negotiation Seminar was excellent, and it was unusual to find a negotiation course geared to litigators. John’s skill and experience provided many concrete and practical examples to illustrate his points. The materials were helpful and well organized, and the participants all enjoyed gaining an appreciation for different styles and thought processes favored by different people. Highly recommended.”

Katherine L. Rhyne, Esq., King & Spalding Partner

“John provides concrete examples of effective and ineffective techniques as well as hands-on practice. John’s credibility and experience make this program particularly effective.”

Cynthia AM Stroman, Esq., King & Spalding Partner

“John is an experienced and talented instructor. He is clearly knowledgeable about the subject matter, and communicates his unique tips in an effective and memorable manner.”

Stephanie L. Salek, Esq., King & Spalding Associate

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