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Career & Life Coaching

If you are practicing law and want to improve your professional life,  working with a coach who is an experienced lawyer can help.  Our coach, John Allison, can help you get in touch with your deepest aspirations for a successful legal career that inspires you.  He then works with you to clearly define your personal and professional goals as an attorney and to develop and follow through on a strategic action plan for achieving those goals.


Lawyer Mentoring

An experienced lawyer mentor can help you achieve greater success and personal satisfaction in your legal career.  John Allison can help you identify and overcome the obstacles to your success.  He can work with you to develop effective strategies for dealing with difficult colleagues, clients and adversaries.  John can also help you learn effective techniques for managing stress, maintaining your personal well-being, and achieving the work-life balance you want.


Professional Training
In addition to our coaching and mentoring services, we offer professional training to help lawyers refine their law practice skills and master the art of practicing law.  Core topics include:      
  Effective communications and advocacy / Building successful relationships with clients / Developing leadership skills                  How to take depositions that will help you win your case / The keys to a successful negotiation 

About The Coach for Lawyers, LLC

 We work with lawyers throughout the United States who want to have a better professional life.  We offer career coaching, life coaching, mentoring and professional training.  We also provide business consulting and strategic planning services to help solo practitioners and small law firms thrive. 

Our services are provided by John Allison, who is a certified professional coach with many years of experience as a successful lawyer in private practice and as Assistant General Counsel in the legal department of a Fortune 100 company.  John is committed to helping lawyers experience the rewards and satisfaction the practice of law can offer and find personal fulfillment in their professional life.   

For information about John's book, The Art of Practicing Law: A Practical Guide for Lawyers, click here.

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