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Follow Your Path to Success

Enjoy a successful legal career and have a professional life that excites and fulfills you.  At The Coach for Lawyers, LLC our coach, John Allison, is an experienced lawyer as well as a trained professional coach.  He provides career coaching, law practice coaching, business coaching and life coaching to meet your particular needs.  John helps you define and achieve your personal and professional goals as an attorney.  He works with you to develop specific action plans for dealing with any obstacles that may be interfering with your success.  He can also help you address difficulties in professional relationships with clients or colleagues.  

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Navigating Change

If you are an experienced lawyer who is thinking about changing jobs, or making a transition to a different practice area, or starting a solo law practice, The Coach for Lawyers, LLC can help. We work with you to define your goals and develop specific action plans for achieving those goals.

The Coaching Relationship 

You won't have to come to our office, as nearly all coaching is done privately and conveniently by phone, video conference and email. During the coaching sessions we address your specific interests and needs. You choose the issues you want to work on. Throughout the coaching process we provide feedback, encouragement and accountability in a respectful and nonjudgmental manner.

Strategic Business Planning

Wherever you are in the United States, we provide business consulting and strategic planning services for solo practitioners and small law firms.  By hiring us, you get an experienced outside perspective and strategic insights to help you build and maintain a profitable law practice.  We can also help you identify and establish your niche in the marketplace.  We tailor our recommendations to your firm's unique culture and values.  

Law Practice Consulting

Because our coach is an experienced and successful lawyer, he can serve as a "senior colleague" to brainstorm ideas and consult on issues that arise in the practice of law.  He is particularly skilled in dealing with the interpersonal issues and business challenges that arise in the practice.  Since we keep all your information confidential, sensitive issues can be discussed candidly with us.

Services and Fees

All our services are designed to meet your specific needs and schedule. We offer hourly, daily and fixed-fee arrangements. Should you need to meet with us in person, we do not charge for travel time to law firms located within the United States.

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