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The Coach for Lawyers, LLC offers personal coaching for lawyers, and law practice consulting services and professional training for lawyers and law firms, anywhere in the United States.  Services are provided by the firm’s founder, John Allison, who is a lawyer with a broad and successful legal career as well as a trained professional coach. John has personal experience working through many of the challenges lawyers encounter and he found professional satisfaction and personal fulfillment in the practice of law. John is committed to helping lawyers experience the rewards and satisfaction that the practice of law can offer and find meaning and fulfillment in their professional lives.

John brings his calm presence, deep listening skills and intuition to his work as a personal coach, helping lawyers navigate a path to a meaningful life. John works with lawyers who feel incomplete because their professional life seems to lack meaning, and lawyers who feel frustrated because they know they have unique talents that are not being fully expressed in their professional lives. As a personal coach John helps you see through the complexities of your situation and discover the underlying issues that are at the core.  He then works with you to develop a specific action plan for addressing those core issues.  By working with John as your coach, you will not be facing your issues and challenges alone.   

As a law practice consultant John helps small and mid-sized law firms, from sole practitioners to firms with fewer than fifty lawyers, build and sustain a profitable law practice consistent with the firm’s unique culture and values.  He helps firms deal with issues such as growth, transitions into new or different practice areas, the retirement of a key partner or the loss of a major client.  He also works with law firms wrestling with difficult internal issues that may undermine the firm’s ability to sustain a profitable law practice.

Repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients are the keys to building and sustaining a successful law practice, particularly in today’s highly competitive environment.  John provides expertise and professional training on several core law practice skills that are not taught in law school.  His interactive seminars, workshops, coaching and mentoring services are designed to help lawyers and law firms master the art of practicing law and build their reputation for understanding and responding to the real needs of clients.  Lawyers serving the real needs of their clients are more likely to obtain repeat business and referrals, and are also more likely to find meaning and satisfaction in their professional lives. 

From his extensive legal career, John understands how important it is for a lawyer to listen deeply to clients and to appreciate the broader context in which a client is experiencing a legal problem.  During the course of his career he received outstanding reviews from clients and colleagues for his deep listening and inter-personal communication skills, effective negotiation skills, strategic insights and leadership.  With many years of experience building a successful private law practice, serving as the senior litigation manager for a Fortune 100 company, leading teams of lawyers and other professionals and helping people deal with difficult professional relationships, John has personal experience with both the rewards and the challenges of being a lawyer. 

John offers a free thirty-minute initial consultation to better understand a potential client’s situation, provide preliminary feedback and talk about whether working with John as a coach or a consultant will be helpful.  To schedule a free thirty-minute initial consultation, call John at 707.357.3732 or send an email to

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